Hi there, I'm Alex

I can help you conceptualize, design and build successful digital products.

My experience ranges from UX/UI design to web development to product management.

I have a wife, a daughter, and a dog.

This Is What I Do

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    UX // Concept


    Vacation rental management software

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    UX // UI


    Customer and appointment management for SMBs

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    Product // UX


    Price/feature comparison for insurance products

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    Cooperative Design


    Design sprints & design thinking

Here's Why I Care (and So Should You)

Technology X Liberal Arts
I'm an experienced designer/developer/teacher, with a background in American Studies and journalism. I consider that an advantage.
Respectful Products
My goal is to create products that are respectful of users, aiming to make their lives easier and better.
Tools Are Great
I am convinced that a tool's users should be more important than its underlying technologies. But I also believe in clean, scalable code.
80/20 Rule
I strongly believe that meaningful, well-designed digital products can have more impact than raw features sets.

And Leipzig Is Where I Live